Digital Marketing Strategy: What You Need To Know

Digital marketing is an important requirement for all companies and choosing the correct strategies from the plethora available is key to their success. There are tons of choices when it comes to digital marketing and it can be quite stressful to try to determine where to begin. It seems as if every company is trying to develop its version of digital marketing strategy, which is completely unrealistic. Let’s take a look at some strategies to help determine what is best for your business.

digital marketing strategy

Strategy Elements

The first digital marketing strategy component is your funnel. This is the process of collecting leads through various channels and converting them into sales. Your funnel should be set up in such a way that you only ever reach your intended audience. Therefore you must choose the right approach for your audience and stay away from chasing customers away through your campaigns.

For example, many companies make the mistake of launching multiple digital marketing campaigns that fail to reach the audience they’re looking for. For example, they may advertise their brand using television ads, but their target market may have just one or two TV channels and they will not see any of their ads. A better approach is to target individuals who have expressed an interest in your company through online advertisements. By placing digital marketing campaigns in front of individuals who have expressed an interest in your brand, you will get more responses and this will lead to more sales.

Another digital marketing strategy component is the tracking system. You should have a system in place that allows you to measure your campaign performance week by week. If you are advertising on television, you should also have a tracking system in place to ensure that you are not wasting money. Tracking will allow you to see how effective your different digital marketing strategies are, what percentage of your target audience opens your ad versus clicks, how many of your target audience makes a purchase and if your keywords are having any impact on your results. Using these key performance indicators will help you fine-tune your strategies for future success.

Another digital marketing strategy component is the content network. You will find that when you create content that the audience will want to see more of it. This means that you will need to take advantage of digital channels so that people can freely distribute your content to all available devices. By creating quality content and distributing it via digital channels, you will increase the number of people that can view your content. The result of this increased audience is increased revenue for your business.

digital marketing strategy


Your digital marketing strategy should include a digital marketing checklist. It will help you stay on target with everything that you have planned and ensure that you always have a complete plan in place for your marketing strategies. When creating the digital marketing checklist, you will want to include items that relate to the content network as well as the other digital channels that you use. The digital marketing checklist should include items such as the keywords that you choose for your campaigns, the content that you distribute through the channels and the metrics that you use to track the performance of your efforts. Your digital marketing checklist will help you stay on target with everything that you have planned and ensure that you always have a complete plan in place for your marketing strategies.

Branding and Reputation

One important factor to any digital marketing strategy is your overall branding and reputation within your market space. If your overall reputation is not good, people will not patronize your products or services. Thus, your digital marketing strategy is directly tied to the reputation of your brand. You should always keep an eye on the reputation of your brand and make sure that your strategies are aligned with those brand guidelines.

Another component of your digital marketing strategy is the content network. For this strategy, you will want to build a targeted audience through various content channels such as video, podcast, blogs, and social media. In addition to building an audience, you will want to make sure that your content reaches your target market quickly and easily. One way that you can reach your target market quickly and easily is through the Google AdWords Content Network. Using the Google AdWords Content Network will allow you to create and manage a wide variety of ads that are specifically tailored to fit your specific audience and goals.

Privacy and Ethical Concerns in Location-Based Tracking Systems

Location-based tracking software systems (LBSs) issues various techniques in recording the locations of objects. Nonetheless, LBS are known to succumb to privacy risk issues a well as the security of individuals.

In addition to the tracking of individual location, an estimation of the location might also create severe privacy challenges such that all available comprehensive location data records produce nearly accurate predictions about the user. Previously, it had proved very difficult distinguishing between violations of privacy and losses when an LBS records people’s locations.

An individual’s privacy may not, however, be threatened by the collection of public location information, rather, it’s by the centralization of the aggregate information, and also through the combination of the location’s information with other personal information. Additionally, there must be an informed consent first before collecting of information which might cause the violation of privacy.

LBS devices, together with the Control (Legal), which is commonly GPS are used in the control of, and in the offering of privacy-related services to individuals. Often, they are used in the control of a person’s direction of moving by providing the right guidance.

In case of children GPS tracking, the parents have an exclusive right of looking after their children; it is impossible for the children to make their decision. Hence, it is their legal duty and right in monitoring their children and in so doing showing a sense of caring. In the event of law enforcement, there are special laws that guarantee the police and other security departments the legal rights to keep watch on the suspects or criminals.

Trust (Social) – Trust is one of the most critical and complementary of human’s relationship in social life. Nonetheless, the application of LBS undermines trust conditions. When LBS tracking software is used to monitor people, it negatively impacts on the personal relationship. On the other hand, as far as tracking of children by parents or tracking of criminals by cops is concerned, it acts for the welfare of the whole society or fo an individual.

Privacy (Ethical)

Human beings are entitled to the right to privacy and the freedom of exemption from intrusion or indulgence in one’s personal life. However, in the case of tracking systems like the LBS or other related systems, for example, the telecommunication technologies that deal with information transformation, it becomes necessary that sufficient security is given to these kinds of data so that they may not be mishandled by an unauthorized person. Monitoring and tracking of people without their consent is forbidden and utterly purely unethical therefore the need for high-security levels. On the contrary, in the case of law and order, tracking devices might be used to monitor criminals as an essential element on behalf of the whole society. In this case, social security will be esteemed higher than Individual safety and security thereby undermining individual security or privacy.

Security (Technological)

On the other hand, it should be known that privacy and security is a serious stake which calls for strong and efficient security systems. Just like it is to every technological tool, they both may impact positive and negative consequences on human life. In the like manner, LBS to has shortcomings in locating accurate information or even the system might mistakably give the most private data to unauthorized people. Whereas LBS contributes to both personal and national security, LBS at the same time results in individual’s privacy risk by not providing the reliable security system and protection of the highly sensitive information collected in their database.

In this matter, an individual might need to allow a little compromise on his/her privacy, but the question would remain, “To what extent can one do this?”

Traffic Generation Concepts That Actually Work

You may want to direct traffic to your website but find that you cannot afford to pay the experts and that writing and submitting articles is really a slow process. You will be glad to find out that there are many other ways to achieve an adequate amount of traffic generation to your websites. Some methods are easier than some but all in all you will be able to do them by themselves. There are some methods mentioned below that you may already use but did not know that they would be good for traffic generation.

If that is the case then it will work out even better for you as you won’t have to start everything from the bottom up. Here are a couple easy traffic generation tips:

  • You probably are familiar with blog writing, if so you can install the My Blog Log widget. This provides you with a way to see what blogs your visitors are writing and following. This way you can comment on their blog and they will keep coming back.
  • You can use Google’s keyword tool (now called Keyword Planner) and find out what people are searching for in your niche. When you do, write blogs as well as articles that will send persons to your website.
  • You can use ping to let search engines know when you update you blog or articles you write. Doing this will have previous visitors coming back for your new content.
  • Be an expert in your field and make information simpler and easier to grasp. This will work no matter what industry you are in. I am sure you have been to websites and then they just gave you a headache and caused you to be further confused about something. Once people find that your information is easy to read and understand they will keep coming back and they will also refer other people.
  • Make your website accessible to persons who speak another language by installing a translator plug-in. This will widen the scope of visitors that you receive as you will not be limited to English speakers only.
  • You can post or reply to a review that can be found for newsgroups. If it is interesting enough people will want to see who is behind it and will thus search specifically for you.
  • Re-invent and re-design your website. By doing this you can submit your website to CSS gallery showcases which will allow you more advertising in a sense and thus more traffic.
  • Place a link to your website in your signatures, whether they are email or forum signatures.
  • Socialize with others that have related websites through communities so that if customers don’t find what they want from one site they will move on to yours.
  • If you have business cards, letterheads and printed ads or flyers, include your websites URL.  If you don’t have these you should get some, especially business cards.
  • Put your URL on your car… you don’t have to have a full ad, you can use a customized bumper sticker or sunshade.

There are quite a lot of things you can employ to have successful traffic generation, the above mentioned, although a long list are just a few. You can research more or get creative and invent your own.

Using Press releases for SEO

What exactly is the difference between using press releases for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and using regular articles? Press releases are a way to let the media, as well as your potential customers, know about something you want to announce such as a brand new product, a partnership with some other company, the start of a new company, or anything else that is newsworthy and isn’t a sales pitch or some other type of writing style.

What is a Press Release?

Press releases can be submitted to news websites such as Google or Yahoo News, or to special press release websites, or even to the Associated Press or other major news agency if your item is big enough news to warrant that release. One of the main things to remember is that a press release has to be written in straight news, neutral style that basically tells the who, what, when, where, why and sometimes how of the situation. This is called the 5 Ws, even though “how” plays a part on occasion as well.

A press release should be no more than around 400 to 500 words so as not to drag it on and bore people. You object is to be announcing some fact, not listing everything there is to know about your site. That can be done later in regular article content. Just use the facts of the situation and write your article in what is called the inverted pyramid style, which means the important stuff comes first, followed by the least important.

What Good is a Press Release?

These days, most people get their news at online websites instead of through old-style media like radio and newspapers. That’s why press releases are necessary and even vital for SEO purposes. A properly written, insightful news article will get you traffic to your website to find out more about whatever it is your news is about.

If you are, for instance, just starting a website, then if your press release manages to express the basics of what your new business is and makes it sound like something everyone needs to be involved with, then people will read it and go to your site. This traffic is bound to be noticed by Google’s ranking system and your SEO rank will rise.

Besides helping market your business, a press release is good for getting you backlinks, which are also vital for SEO. If other places pick up and decide to put your article onto their site, you will get that backlink to yours, thus helping to once again build up your rank in the search engines.

There are sites such as blogs and other types of website that routinely list material from other web news sites and if your press release is on some of those, it will be a good way to get you even more traffic. And if you were smart and put some anchor text leading back to your site into your press releases, this too will help you get traffic and this improves on your SEO.

All in all, press releases can be of great value in getting the word out about the important things going on in your company or on your website. They can also contribute to building up your SEO though getting you traffic.

2 Major Website Traffic Generation Tips

Let’s face it; website traffic generation can be a real issue for some of us who keep trying to do what’s right in order to avoid being flagged for keyword spamming and other delights. But there are webmasters who say that this is not something to worry about; there is a solution, and it is based only on two important components to your website, so let’s take a look at them both.

Webpage Content

The content of each webpage must be as unique as possible, and as much as possible, in order to be ideally optimized by any search engine. For example, if you created 10 instead of 5 articles on a webpage, you will increase traffic twice that of what you did with 5 articles. That’s as easy as it gets, according to webmasters who create the kind of pages we are talking about here. See, the articles can be 100-500 pages, and with really unique content, you are bound to increase the flow of traffic to your website just by performing this small task.

Additionally, you can create even more by the use of a blog like this one. Blogging just once a week can increase traffic, but, if you increase that by about 3-5 times a week or even daily, you will bring that many more times the traffic you would with only one blog a week. Many sites who do this are indeed highly searchable results that pop up, so you can understand why this is a really important thing to consider, even, as the webmasters say, more so than registering at a search engine. Easy and all you have to do is step up to the plate and work a little harder, in order to get your website out there.

Website Links

In theory and practice, this is just like putting more articles or blogs on your website, only we are talking about links. Links to other pages, of course, that have more content and blogs on the, as well, is the ideal scenario for the ultimate in website traffic generation. Placing the links with relevant content to the pages they go to is a definite must, and be careful of broken links and ones that need constant updating, too. Nobody likes to go to a broken link, period.

In Conclusion

Using the two, very easy suggestions above will help you to optimize your web traffic as much as you possibly want to, depending on what you are able to put into it. Of course, the choice is yours as to what you’d like to do with your website, but these two highly valuable pieces of advice come right from the source: the webmasters, so chances are not only are you in good hands, should you decide to follow this advice, but you might save yourself some time and money, too, along the way. That is always the best thing about free advice, after all.

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How to Increase your Hubscore, Drive Traffic, and Increase Profits

Owning a Hubpage is the first step to creating your online presence and even more importantly your web presence. Getting traffic is one of your main priorities. Increasing your Hubscore is very important, and increasing your revenue is the end-result of your hard work.

Once your page(s) is properly designed and edited, you’ve just laid a great foundation. However, as with real estate, you’re not going to sell much if you do not have much on top of it. At Hubpages, one of the main objectives for most is earning money. To start building equitable Hubpages, pay careful attention to the following steps:

How to increase your Hubscore

  1. You’re probably familiar with the Hubscore system; you may be lacking the skill to effectively draw in fellow Hubber followers. Since a score of 100 is anybody’s target, that’s where you will be trekking to.
  2. Create quality, interesting, useful and even thought-provoking material for your Hubpages. Nobody wants to look at Hubpages that consist of rehashed ideas or paragraphs laden-with broken English. Your mission is to inform, inspire and connect with people so that they will continue to want to revisit your pages and even spread the word about them to others.
  3. Some knowledge in items like CSS, HTML (or even better, html5) or JAVA (among others) when you’re creating capsules, this will go a long way in helping you to create fun, interactive Hubpages that will attract more clicks and followers.
  4. Once you have more than a handful of Hubpages, it’s a great idea to group them together according to their similarities.
  5. In addition, focus on creating functional long-tail keywords for your Hubpages. Inbound/back-link links are also critical for maximizing your pages exposure in Google and Yahoo (especially Google, though).


Of course, tying most of these items together is the hottest thing since 8-Track tapes: SEO. Search engine optimization means everything when you want your pages to come as close to the top of Google search results as possible. Also, remember that not only do bodies of text that contain keywords work more favourably with search engine indexers, but images for image searching, local material, video, and other things provide a more diverse way to gain higher index ratings.

Social Networking and Bookmarking

Social networking and bookmarking sites are simply invaluable tools to share and promote your Hubpages. Listing your Hubpages with sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Triond, Reddit, Ma.gnolia, Google Bookmarks, MindDeposit and so many more and placing backlinks into each and everyone will drive great amounts of traffic to your Hubpages. That is, of course, if your content is worthy and you have great online etiquette. Take note though: never, ever saturate any social bookmarking site, or any other, with handfuls of postings every day. Keep it moderate and just say no to spam!

New techniques for driving traffic are evolving at light-speed

Hence, here are just a few more easily-understandable, powerful Hubpages tips to put in your arsenal:

  • Craigslist. This is not only great for promoting Hubpages but blogs and other sites that you own which, you have placed appropriate backlinks in of course!
  • Not only do you want people to view your pages, absorb them, come back and spread the word, you also want to engage as many people as you can with their own pages and works. Compliment, critique and discuss ideas on fellow Hubbers pages, in addition to all of the other blogs, social networking sites, or communities you frequent.
  • Sign up for Technorati and use their tags to your advantage.
  • Link-baiting. If you know what this is, just a few words: tread that thin-ice very carefully and keep your emotional intelligence in-check every step of the way.