How to Increase your Hubscore, Drive Traffic, and Increase Profits

Owning a Hubpage is the first step to creating your online presence and even more importantly your web presence. Getting traffic is one of your main priorities. Increasing your Hubscore is very important, and increasing your revenue is the end-result of your hard work.

Once your page(s) is properly designed and edited, you’ve just laid a great foundation. However, as with real estate, you’re not going to sell much if you do not have much on top of it. At Hubpages, one of the main objectives for most is earning money. To start building equitable Hubpages, pay careful attention to the following steps:

How to increase your Hubscore

  1. You’re probably familiar with the Hubscore system; you may be lacking the skill to effectively draw in fellow Hubber followers. Since a score of 100 is anybody’s target, that’s where you will be trekking to.
  2. Create quality, interesting, useful and even thought-provoking material for your Hubpages. Nobody wants to look at Hubpages that consist of rehashed ideas or paragraphs laden-with broken English. Your mission is to inform, inspire and connect with people so that they will continue to want to revisit your pages and even spread the word about them to others.
  3. Some knowledge in items like CSS, HTML (or even better, html5) or JAVA (among others) when you’re creating capsules, this will go a long way in helping you to create fun, interactive Hubpages that will attract more clicks and followers.
  4. Once you have more than a handful of Hubpages, it’s a great idea to group them together according to their similarities.
  5. In addition, focus on creating functional long-tail keywords for your Hubpages. Inbound/back-link links are also critical for maximizing your pages exposure in Google and Yahoo (especially Google, though).


Of course, tying most of these items together is the hottest thing since 8-Track tapes: SEO. Search engine optimization means everything when you want your pages to come as close to the top of Google search results as possible. Also, remember that not only do bodies of text that contain keywords work more favourably with search engine indexers, but images for image searching, local material, video, and other things provide a more diverse way to gain higher index ratings.

Social Networking and Bookmarking

Social networking and bookmarking sites are simply invaluable tools to share and promote your Hubpages. Listing your Hubpages with sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Triond, Reddit, Ma.gnolia, Google Bookmarks, MindDeposit and so many more and placing backlinks into each and everyone will drive great amounts of traffic to your Hubpages. That is, of course, if your content is worthy and you have great online etiquette. Take note though: never, ever saturate any social bookmarking site, or any other, with handfuls of postings every day. Keep it moderate and just say no to spam!

New techniques for driving traffic are evolving at light-speed

Hence, here are just a few more easily-understandable, powerful Hubpages tips to put in your arsenal:

  • Craigslist. This is not only great for promoting Hubpages but blogs and other sites that you own which, you have placed appropriate backlinks in of course!
  • Not only do you want people to view your pages, absorb them, come back and spread the word, you also want to engage as many people as you can with their own pages and works. Compliment, critique and discuss ideas on fellow Hubbers pages, in addition to all of the other blogs, social networking sites, or communities you frequent.
  • Sign up for Technorati and use their tags to your advantage.
  • Link-baiting. If you know what this is, just a few words: tread that thin-ice very carefully and keep your emotional intelligence in-check every step of the way.