Using Press releases for SEO

What exactly is the difference between using press releases for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and using regular articles? Press releases are a way to let the media, as well as your potential customers, know about something you want to announce such as a brand new product, a partnership with some other company, the start of a new company, or anything else that is newsworthy and isn’t a sales pitch or some other type of writing style.

What is a Press Release?

Press releases can be submitted to news websites such as Google or Yahoo News, or to special press release websites, or even to the Associated Press or other major news agency if your item is big enough news to warrant that release. One of the main things to remember is that a press release has to be written in straight news, neutral style that basically tells the who, what, when, where, why and sometimes how of the situation. This is called the 5 Ws, even though “how” plays a part on occasion as well.

A press release should be no more than around 400 to 500 words so as not to drag it on and bore people. You object is to be announcing some fact, not listing everything there is to know about your site. That can be done later in regular article content. Just use the facts of the situation and write your article in what is called the inverted pyramid style, which means the important stuff comes first, followed by the least important.

What Good is a Press Release?

These days, most people get their news at online websites instead of through old-style media like radio and newspapers. That’s why press releases are necessary and even vital for SEO purposes. A properly written, insightful news article will get you traffic to your website to find out more about whatever it is your news is about.

If you are, for instance, just starting a website, then if your press release manages to express the basics of what your new business is and makes it sound like something everyone needs to be involved with, then people will read it and go to your site. This traffic is bound to be noticed by Google’s ranking system and your SEO rank will rise.

Besides helping market your business, a press release is good for getting you backlinks, which are also vital for SEO. If other places pick up and decide to put your article onto their site, you will get that backlink to yours, thus helping to once again build up your rank in the search engines.

There are sites such as blogs and other types of website that routinely list material from other web news sites and if your press release is on some of those, it will be a good way to get you even more traffic. And if you were smart and put some anchor text leading back to your site into your press releases, this too will help you get traffic and this improves on your SEO.

All in all, press releases can be of great value in getting the word out about the important things going on in your company or on your website. They can also contribute to building up your SEO though getting you traffic.